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We Provide Quality Security Services For Commercial / Industrial , Private / Public Buildings.

Event Security

VIPs Security Escort,Event Based Services,CCTV Surveillance , Security Concierge ,Ready Pool Of Security Officers


Conduct Initial Security Audit ,Regular Review On Operations ,Constant Upgrade of S.O.P.

SPIS- Your reliable security guide!

SCHEMPP Protection & Investigation Services (SPIS) is an Event Security Company in Singapore. We are ahead of our competitors in the industry of providing security services as we provide distinctive services as per the client’s requirements. Ensuring the security and safety of the clients is the prime concern of SPIS and we are efficient in providing our clients with the best.

Hire Security Agency in Singapore

SCHEMPP Protection & Investigation Services is a renowned Security Guard Company in Singapore that deals in providing reliable security services for commercial/industrial, private/public buildings, at event locations, construction sites, etc. Apart from this, we also provide VIPs security escort, 24/7 crisis management, and CCTV surveillance along with value-added services that include Conduct Initial Security Audit, Post-Site Monitoring With Remote CCTV, Regular Review On Operations, Provision Of Security Equipment & Installation, Ready Pool Of Security Officers, Constant Upgrade of S.O.P. etc.

We prioritize to deliver security services that meet challenging expectations of our clients and have the ability to sort out different levels at which and what type of Security Services in Singapore are required based on the events or functions and the type of people that are attending that function. This enables us to be in top position with stronger steed for more business, continual growth and boundless opportunities.

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